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As By Fire

I walked down a narrow corridor without any sides or ceiling. I know it's impossible to be in a corridor without walls, but I could feel them and knew they were there without being able to see them.

As we walked, I could sense openings in the non-existent sides of this tunnel and soon my curiosity got the best of me, so I asked Lael about the rooms off to the side.

"Where?" he replied.

"There," I said, sensing one to my right.

"That's quite perceptive of you to notice. Most people aren't aware of them."


"Yes. In fact, you're the first to notice. At least the first to my knowledge. Assuredly there must be others who have felt their presence."

"But what are they for?"

"Entrances to the storage area for the masterworks."

"The masterworks?"

"Yes. The central monitoring complex for all the activities for humans on earth."

"What do you mean by monitoring?"

"Just what I said. The masterworks records every deed, action, and thought from birth until death of every individual who ever lived on the planet from the beginning of creation to the end of time."


"Yes, everyone."

"Wow! That must be quite a complex."

"Perhaps. I have nothing else with which to compare it. There is nothing else like it, nor will there ever be a need for its kind again."

"Has it shut down?"

"No, it is still functioning and will continue to function until the end."

"Isn't this the end?"

"For those who believe, yes. But for those who remained behind, no. Their end has not yet come."

"So the masterworks is still in operation?"


"May I see it?"

"I don't see why not, although I've never shown anyone before," he said questioningly. "Yes, it's all right, you may see it. Come this way," he then stated in a positively assured manner.

"Did you just check with someone?"

"Yes, with Michael.

"The archangel?"

"Yes. We are able to communicate instantly whenever necessary. That's the way we are made."


"Yes, but you, too, will learn soon enough. Come."

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