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As By Fire

"This last area," he said, "is the comparison department of the masterworks. It is here that all life records are compared to the memory logs of the Father."

"What memory logs?"

"The thoughts and deeds and notions of every individual ever born and yet to be born were recorded by God Himself and left for comparison long before the world was ever made."

"You mean that God knew what I would do before the creation of the world?"


"But how can that be?"

"God simply looked into the future, and foresaw the life, minds, thoughts and notions of the individual. Thus He was able to know who would accept His Son as Saviour and who would reject."

"But why would He want to know?"

"In order to plan for the future I suppose. How else would He be able to determine the size of heaven and the space requirements of hell. Besides, such an exercise demonstrates His power and only further substantiates the fact that He alone is God."

"What is done with the records that God has made?"

"They are compared with the actual events and thoughts of each individual life."


"They always match up in every way with no deviation or changes whatever."


"Always. There has never been a change. The records are always identical."


"Yes, that it is."

"Then it was known that I would accept Christ personally before Adam came into existence, before the earth was even formed?"

"Exactly. That's why you were chosen to be here as one of God's elect."

"What do you mean?"

"Exactly what I said. That God chose those who He knew would accept and placed them in His book as the elect ones, one of the chosen ones of God."

"Imagine that!"

"And everyone that He knew would be here is here. He has always been right. I have no doubt that He will always continue to be right as long as time exists, now and in eternity forever."

"It certainly demonstrates who He is, doesn't it?"

"Yes, it does that. But did you ever have cause to doubt who He is?"

"Well, no. But I never applied all that I knew."

"I'm sorry to hear that."

"I was sorry to learn it myself."

And I was. The more I saw here the more I realized how I had neglected to apply the fact of God and who He was to my life. The fact that He chose me before the foundation of the earth and knew my very thoughts and actions, yet that He allowed me the choice over what I did and how I used His Word and His power was an amazing concept. Yet this concept was so simple and so logical once you realized that God was truly God.

Lael and I talked a while longer and then he led me again into that long narrow corridor which led to God and to His Son. This time I wasn't as confident as I had been before and I feared that all would not go as well as I would have liked. I already knew my life fell short of what it could have or even should have been. I didn't know what to expect. I'm not sure I was really afraid, but I knew I was definitely apprehensive.

I knew now that judgment was coming and I was to be judged for what I had done for my Lord. The final purpose for which I was here had finally hit me and I knew I wasn't prepared. Somehow I had always felt that the Christian didn't have to worry after death, that all would be rosy for him and there would be no need for fear or for concern. However, after viewing the masterworks and seeing first-hand the great care in which all this data on my life was accumulated and evaluated, I realized that the only reason for such a system would be for my own accountability for what I had done on earth. The day of accountability was at hand. Lael led me from the corridor into a great and mighty hall that was definitely a hall but had no sides and no feeling of closeness in any way.

There were many people lining the walls, where walls would be expected, and there was a great host of people off to the side and near the front. I couldn't see the front clearly, but I was almost certain that there were steps leading to a throne.

A moment later I was sure of it. There definitely was a throne in front and I could see that the Lord was sitting there upon it. The hour had come.

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