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As By Fire

The woman in front of me picked up her bundle, which wasn't very large as bundles go. She smiled and thanked the angel in attendance and stepped happily toward the fire.

There was joy on her face and in her soul as she stood before the Lord in judgment.

Her bundle, though small, was pure. There was no hay or stubble, no wood or perishable items. Her life was a gem and her record gave every indication of a rich full life worthy of great reward.

There were gaps and breaks which I knew indicated sin, but this kindly woman had searched her heart and confessed those sins to stay close in fellowship with her Lord. Her prayers indicated she asked the Spirit to reveal to her even hidden sins so as to keep her heart holy and pure for her Master's service.

There were many who found the Lord through her prayers and her faithful witness for the Saviour. She was concerned only with reaching others. It's true, she read a lot and studied. However, she always asked the Lord to teach her from her study and reading that she might truly apply what she learned, in order to be a more effective witness.

She was attuned and available to the Lord's leading. This is what it truly means to be a Christian, to be available, in fellowship and ready to do what God desires.

She wasn't rich on earth, but God supplied all her needs and she received all that she asked for. If she had any fault it was not asking enough, but I could see she was content. Her bundle was small, but even so, it produced a crown made from pure gold. Her hands were barely able to contain what her life had produced. The crown itself had seven points and was jeweled with sapphires, diamonds, rubies, and emeralds of the finest quality.

There were few words exchanged, for the Lord had paid for her sins and she had cast all her cares on Him. This could be easily determined from watching.

The joyful tears and loving smile on the Lord's face as she laid her trophy before Him were something I'll always cherish and remember. He said simply, "Well done, my good and faithful servant. Welcome home."

With that He stepped down and embraced her with the warmest welcome I have ever witnessed. He then led her up the stairs to the same entrance which the others had used when their time in the fire was over. The Lord, however, walked with this dear lady and told her about the place He had prepared for her. It sounded like a very special place indeed.

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