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1. Where Does Knowledge Come From?
2. The World Prepared for Darwin, and the World He Made
3. Original Sin in the Garden of Science?
4. Creation Provides No Mechanisms for the Origin of Biological Designs? Neither Does Evolution!
5. The Relationship of Science to Biblical Faith
6. Design in Living Things Points to God the Creator
7. What Do Fossils Prove? Or, Are Dem Bones Connected?
8. The Ultimate Design
9. Evolution or Creation--Does It Matter? (Part One)
10. Evolution or Creation--Does It Matter? (Part Two)
11. Do Similarities Prove Evolution From a Common Ancestor?
12. What About the "Gill Slits" In Human Embryos?
13. Christians in a Scientific Age
14. More Divine Designs
15. Do All Fossils Appear In Evolutionary Order?
16. The Creation Alternative Should Be Included In the Study of Origins in Public Schools
17. Living Together or Fighting Enemies by Divine Design
18. Evidence for a Young Earth
19. Radiometric Dating Methods: Are They Certain?
20. What About Carbon-14 Dating?
21. A Genesis Creation Model for Biology
22. Is Special Creation Conducive to Good Science?
23. Creation Provides a Proper Conceptual Framework for Biology
24. Stress Points Between Evolution and Creation
25. More Stress Points Between Evolution and Creation
26. Faith Horses, Science Carts, and the National Academy of Sciences
27. Theistic Evolution--No Real Answers & a Barrel of Problems
28. How Long Were the Days of Creation?
29. Evolution, A Faith for the Future?
30. The Mysteries of Life
31. The Design Argument Analyzed
32. Does Classical Genetics Support Creation or Evolution?
33. Evolution--the Religious Connection
34. Creation and the Christian Witness and Participation in Society
35. The Logic of the Argument for Creation and Against Evolution
36. Classification of Species Points to Divinely Designed Types
37. The Science Class--A Kangaroo Court Kremlin Style
38. Evolution and the Second Law of Thermodynamics
39. Evolution and Creation: Equally Non-Scientific, Equally Religious, Equally Scientific
40. Geology and the Global Flood
41. Why Should Christians Believe in Divine Special Creation?
42. Man from Apes: Has Science Proved It Yet?
43. Solving an Old Bible Problem: Easing Up Adam's First Day
44. Probability and the Origin of Life
45. The Scientific Case for Evolution Has Never Been Proved!

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