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The Creation Explanation

Creation Explanation The Changing World: Physical Laws & the Origin of Life

Natural Selection
as a Filter to Remove Informational Noise

In evolutionary theory it is proposed that natural selection provides a kind of filtration process which removes the random noise of bad mutations from the genetic information. This enables those randomly occurring changes (mutations) which are beneficial and therefore not noise, to be preserved and to predominate. Therefore, the genetic information of a species supposedly can enlarge and be refined by natural selection and evolution can take place without violating the laws of information theory and of thermodynamics. As will be shown in Chapter-4, however, the mathematical probability of this happening is essentially zero.

Non-living chemical systems have neither the cell structures, the coded instructions, nor the translation machinery to enable them to accomplish what living systems do. In a limited way coded instructions originating in the brains of chemists, and complex equipment in the chemists' laboratories, have produced outside of living organisms a few of the reactions and products characteristic of life. However, chemical reactions planned and controlled by intelligent chemists are in no way comparable with hypothetical random reactions of simple chemicals in some imaginary primeval pond or ocean.

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