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Section 2: Questions & Answers

The Failure of Darwin: Design in Nature

2. Does the theory of evolution by random (chance, unplanned) mutations (changes) and natural selection explain where all living things came from?

Answer: Many kinds of living plants and animals cannot be explained by the theory of evolution. The only other explanation is that they were created. The crucial question is "What is the source of biological designs (biodesigns)?" The world is filled with what appears to be evidence that all things are the result of intelligent, purposeful design and creation by an infinitely wise, all-powerful Creator.

A scientific theory of evolution should take into account all of the pertinent observed facts. For example, it should be able to explain the origin of all of the known fossil and living species of plants and animals. So if the theory of evolution is correct, it should be possible to explain how a series of slight changes could produce any existing species from some previously existing species. And it should be possible to show how each successive change would give an advantage to the creature possessing it. It should be possible to outline such a series of steps leading to each creature and every bodily structure, organ or behavioral characteristic. Such imagined histories would not prove evolution either could or did happen, but they would at least make the theory seem more plausible (likely, reasonable).

It would help if the fossil record contained series of intermediate fossil types to provide some historical evidence that such a process of change really took place. Finally, genetic processes or mechanisms must be found which are actually capable of producing new useful biodesigns by chance.

The fact is that many species and many organs completely baffle even the imaginations of evolutionary scientists. And it is certain that no genetic mechanisms have yet been found which can produce new biodesigns. In other words, the theory of evolution fails to explain the observed facts--except by faith. It does appear that a more reasonable explanation is that all living things were designed by an intelligent, purposeful Creator.

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