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Section 2: Questions & Answers

The Failure of Darwin: Design in Nature

4. What is the central logic of the scientific case for creation?

Answer: Divine special creation is by definition a miracle. In a miracle natural law is supervened or transcended by a Power outside of nature. Therefore, a miracle cannot be described or explained in scientific terms or reproduced experimentally. Consequently, there can be no scientific theory of creation and no naturalistic mechanisms of creation. On the other hand, evolutionary scientists claim to have proved that evolution is a fact. They claim to be developing theories which explain the evolution of complex living organisms and to be discovering materialistic mechanisms which can produce these organisms. So they should have fossils which prove that the process of evolution really is a fact of earth history. Also, they must devise and test theories which successfully explain the origin of complex biological designs, and discover and demonstrate mechanisms which are capable of producing these biodesigns. Thus far, as we show in this book, evolutionary science has failed to achieve this, its central goal. As long as the failure of evolutionary theory to explain the origin of anything important continues, belief in the only alternative, divine special creation, continues to be a scientifically acceptable option for anybody to hold.

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