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Section 2: Questions & Answers

The Failure of Darwin: Design in Nature

7. Why do some scientists say it is almost certain that life exists on planets in other solar systems and other galaxies?

Answer: This opinion is based on unprovable theories about how the earth and life supposedly evolved. As we have shown, these theories cannot be substantiated scientifically, and there is no evidence for the existence of extraterrestrial life.

This idea, much publicized in the mass media, hinges upon two evolutionary theories. These are the assumed evolution of the solar system and of our galaxy from a cloud of gas and dust, and the assumed evolution of life from chemicals. Neither theory can be scientifically demonstrated to be true, but if they were true, certain logical conclusions would follow:

a. In the universe billions of stars similar to our sun are assumed to have evolved in the same way that our sun supposedly did. If this is true, millions of planets quite similar to the earth and having similar atmospheres, climates, etc., must likewise exist.

b. Since life supposedly evolved under these conditions on our earth, life must also have evolved on many of these other planets, developing some species as intelligent as or even more intelligent than man.

It is important to remember, however, that no scientific evidence whatsoever proves that any other planet similar to our earth exists anywhere in the universe. The whole idea of life on other planets is pure speculation without a shred of scientific evidence.8 But the notion is so popular with both scientists and lay people who want evolution to be true, that millions of dollars of tax monies have actually been spent using radio telescopes to listen for intelligent messages from outer space. God could have created life on other planets, but He has given us no evidence of it, either through science or in the Bible.

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