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I was filled with joy as all that God had been telling me sank deep into my mind and heart. God had called me, according to His purpose, and not mine. God not only had a plan for me, but the work He began in me, He has also already completed. He has transformed me into His image, I am truly a new creature in Him, a new creation. All things in my life became new when I was born again.

My life is gone. His life lives on. In Him I am free from want and need. All that I am belongs to Him, is fulfilled in Him, is complete in Him. My life is over and His life has begun. All things that happen are now experienced in Him and His life and His love are manifested in me. And, they flow through me to the world.

In light of these thoughts, His next words to me were very enlightening.

"I am the vine, you are a branch, attached always to the vine, to Me. Life in the vine grows from within. Blossoms spring forth as a result of that growth. My life flowing through you allows you to experience the nourishment, embodiment and the growth of My life as We branch out to others.’

"There is nothing for you to do, but grow and bear fruit. And I am even responsible for that fruit, for the growth, for your growth, as you experience My life from within.’

"And I will take you where you are to go. I will take care of your needs. I will fulfill your desire and I will be your life as you abide in Me, I will abide in you.’

"And, nothing can take you out of My hand, or out of My life when you are a part of Me, the vine."

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