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Wow! Me, a being of God’s love, filled with His love, encompassed by His love, dwelling in His love, an extension of His love, a being of love. It was hard for me to fathom. It was what I had always wanted and needed. It was truly the desire of my heart, to be loved.

And, it was there all the time! I just didn’t realize that this was God’s purpose, that this is why he created me. I had been searching for this all my life. I had accepted God’s gift of salvation and worked at achieving something that I had already received as a part of His gift, but had never appropriated to my life. Maybe that was the problem, I had only wanted His love for me, for my life. I had never given up my life and yielded my life to Him. I had never given up my will, my needs. I had never stepped into Him.

I wondered why I had never heard this before in church. Why had I never understood this? It was so simple. Then He showed me the reason why.

"Unfortunately, churches have missed the point of My coming. They have taken what I intended as a free gift and built institutions around it, establishing great organizations and structures to administer My love to the people. But I never asked them to do that. I never instructed the church to do anything, to lead or to guide or to govern or to rule. The church was never intended to replace Me, for I am the head of a body of people called the ‘Church’.’

"It was not My intention that any should lead, but that all would follow. I called you to be My disciple and gave you My Spirit as your guide and no man or organization or structure was ever to rule or administrate your life, only Me.’

"You went to church to feel good, to ease you conscience, to have fellowship with people who encouraged you in your doing, to help you do better or to try harder or to show you that you were not alone in your search or in your quest for answers.’

"You went to church to worship, to visit Me, to seek Me, to learn about Me from others who were also seeking. You were never satisfied in your quest, nor did you realize that I am not just the God of Sunday mornings and Wednesday nights, nor am I the God of the sanctuary. Nor am I ‘on call’, like a performer or an actor to do man’s bidding or to be led by men or debated and discussed as a mere topic of conversation or study. Nor am I a specimen to be examined or an exhibit to be displayed or an item to be merchandised by man for a profit. I am God.’

"He who comes to Me must understand this and know that I am God . He must worship Me in Spirit, My Spirit, at all times, and not for a few moments on Sunday. Worship is not a thing, but a way of existence, of life. You must worship Me in Truth, without questions and doubts, for a double minded man is unstable and shall have no part of Me or My life. I alone am the Way, the Truth and the Life. No man comes to the Father except by Me.’

"True worship comes from obedience, from walking in the Way, from accepting the Truth and experiencing My Life. It comes from commitment to Me and not to an organization or to a building made with hands.’

"You went from church to church to find a church you liked, one that fulfilled your purposes, that met your needs. Each church you went to would give you the steps and the rules and things you needed to do to find Me and to please Me, and that hindered you. For there is nothing you must do or learn. There are no rules or steps. You need only lose your life for My sake. Then and only then, will you find Life and have Life and experience Life and become Life.’

"The reason it was not taught or shared in the churches you went to is that it was rarely experienced. The church is not a building or a structure, an organization, or even a place; it is an experience. And you experience that experience by dwelling in me, and you become that experience by being in me, for you are the church, My church. And I am the head of the church and believers are members of My body. Like the vine and the branch, we grow together in harmony, in unity, as one.’

"As the head says to the hand, ‘move,’ the hand moves. As life flows through the body, it grows. As I extend My life and love through My body to others, they can receive the benefit of My love through My body, the church, in oneness with Me and the Father. No man or group or organization or structure should ever come between you and Me, for you are My church and My body. And no one can pluck you out of My hand.’

"In My hands you have become one with Me, and you have become a part of My hand, but you are not My hand. Nor should you say that you are the hand or the foot or seek any recognition for who you are in My body. I am the one who determines your function within My body. Your glory is not in how you function within My body, but that you function in concert with all the members of my body in order to carry out My purpose.

You are like a transformed blood cell, covered, cleansed, white, righteous and holy. You flow through My veins, sometimes to the very tip of My finger, to touch the life of someone in need.’

"When I have extended you to the very tip of My body, to the very extent of your service, you then flow back through My veins, through My lungs, finding rest in the breath of My life and in the joy of My Spirit, return to My heart, and are rejuvenated with My life. All the while you have been fulfilling My purpose.’

"You were called to dwell in My body and to experience My life as you flow through My veins to fulfill My purpose. Nor are you ever separated from the covering of My body, for my skin protects you like a coat of armor so that no harm can come to you. No one can take you out of My body when you live in Me. I am the head and the Creator of the body. You are to reside in My body and flow through my body, as a part of My body, so that together as dwellers in Me, you can truly be My body."

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