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I now had the answer to all I was seeking. I now knew the truth. I was almost sad to finally understand that He was the answer, for it seemed like my time in His presence was over and I would have to go back to my life.

But then it happened. "You don’t have to go anywhere, for it is My purpose for you to stay, to dwell with Me, here apart from the world, for I came to take you out of the world, to bring you to Myself."

"Really, but how does that work?"

"Like a gear, which by itself is purposeless, meaningless, that has been taken in the hands of the Watchmaker and placed inside the watch. Like a raindrop that falls into the ocean and merges with the waters of the ocean and becomes one with the ocean. Like stepping into a bubble of air, into My life and being, surrounded with the covering of the bubble on the outside and filled with My Spirit on the inside."

I saw myself as a gear, rusty, alone, trying to get God’s attention. Asking Him, no, pleading with Him to do something. Screaming at Him. Yelling, "It’s time." I felt His touch as He picked me up, a tiny gear, cleaned me off, transformed me and placed me inside the watch with other gears to fulfill my purpose as a being of time, in a place where time was no more. Then He covered me with His cover and sealed me inside the watch where I became time, one tick at a time, in His time, in oneness with time, as time.

I could feel myself falling, as a large and independent drop of water puffed up by my significance, yet afraid of the falling, and dreading the end of my existence when I would break the surface of the water below. Not realizing, that at that very moment, I would enter the depths of His love, and become a part of Him, and become one with Him, forever.

I experienced stepping through the membrane of the bubble as I entered the covering of His love, and felt the presence of His life surround me, the filling of His Spirit, within me. As God on the inside flowed through me and merged with God on the outside covering me, surrounding me, I became one with Him, to flow through His body, to be His body and never leave His body. It was like stepping into my house and never leaving. For when He sent me somewhere, in His service, He extended the wall, covering me with protected armor so I would continue to dwell in my home as He sent me into the world, yet untouched by the world.

I saw myself as a bride. For I was to be His bride, united with Him. The bride and the bridegroom, complete, fulfilled, One.

Raising me up to face Him, He brought me to Himself and held me and I took one step into Him as He took me into Himself. I now saw life from His perspective, through His eyes, in Him and through Him. I now realized that my fears were gone, my fear of commitment, of surrender, had kept me from the true fulfillment of all that I was created to be.

He had taken me through the valley of the shadow of death to give me Life, in Him. I was not created to be a slave, nor a servant, but I became what I was called to be. All my life, I was one step away. I knew now, why he died for me. I became what I was meant to be and I was happy with my destiny.

Finally, I fulfilled the purpose for my life, as my entire being became one with Him, to dwell with Him, to abide in Him as my dwelling place. I was transformed into His image, a new creation, according to His purpose, as His friend. Together, forever, in love, as love, as friends.

Greater love hath no man than this that a man lay down his life for his friends.

John 15:1


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