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The Great Dinosaur Mistake

Dinosaur Monument

If you visit the Dinosaur Monument in Vernal, Utah, you will be told that the dinosaurs buried in the mountainside did not live in the area, but actually lived upstate someplace and were washed down by some type of local flood. It is also suggested that quite possibly they were trapped while crossing a sandbar. Or, it is said that for some reason not well understood, the dinosaurs died out, their bones lay on top of the ground and later a local flood washed the bones down the state. Whatever the reason for the extinction of dinosaurs in that area, they were buried by some type of water action.

At the monument dinosaur bones are found buried in a hillside in the Morrison formation, named after the man who happened to find them. They are encased in sandstone which is a type of water deposited rock; thus, the dinosaurs were buried by some type of water action. That is exactly what you would expect if there had been a great flood which took place in the days of Noah. You would expect to find plants and animals, even dinosaurs, buried by some type of water action.

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