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The Great Dinosaur Mistake


In the last 350 years almost 400 species of animals have become extinct. Many zoos such as the San Diego Zoo, identify endangered species. There are presently over 300 endangered species.

This is the reason for building wild life preserves, parks built so that the natural habitat of various animals can be recreated in the hopes that in the absence of enemies, natural dangers, and predation by man, these endangered species may survive.

Among those in danger of extinction is the American bald eagle. One reason for this is that young eagles look a lot like hawks which are a danger to farmers. As a consequence, they are slaughtered and many never grow to maturity. We are very close to losing the giant California condor. Yet man has been able to preserve some creatures. An example is the American bison which was almost extinct; now there are great herds again and hopefully the zoologist will be able to do something to preserve other endangered species.

If you go to the Wild Animal Park in San Diego, it is quite interesting to see how the theme of the danger of the extinction of various animals is brought out. The guide will tell you there are only two kinds of species on earth that are increasing, man and the insect.

The insect is increasing at a phenomenal rate and nothing can stop its rise. One day, he says man will be competing with the insect for survival. In the evolutionary scale as man dies out, the insect will inherit the earth. Perhaps his prediction will come to pass and great swarms of insects will attack the human race!

After the flood, conditions were drastically different; man ate meat, he hunted, the life spans of man and animal were shortened. We can now begin to understand something about the demise of the dinosaur.

The Bible gives a framework that explains even the extinction of dinosaurs. In addition, we have a framework that explains many of the phenomena we find upon the earth.

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