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The Great Dinosaur Mistake

But What About Noah?

When Noah stepped off the ark he realized his world had changed. He may have seen the carcasses of animals and the remains of men who chose to disregard his warning. I am sure these things caused Noah great concern. He sacrificed to God from the clean animals he had taken aboard the ark by sevens. I am sure he thanked God for His provision of safety through the great storm, but I also feel he was concerned and asked for God's blessing upon this strange land that now lay before his eyes. This wilderness and swampland, these deserts and barren lands that were so different from the preflood world. Noah had believed God and God had provided safety.

The men of Noah's day refused to believe that the flood would come. Is it not strange that men today propose that it did not? Even today they deny the very fact of a worldwide cataclysm. The evidence points to this universal deluge. Certainly it is a better explanation than the evolutionary model which requires hundreds of local floods and cataclysms under ideal circumstances to produce the fossil record. Occams Razor states that the simplest hypothesis is most likely to be correct.

Surely it is much simpler to propose one worldwide, global cataclysm that accounts for the burial and fossilization of all animals and plants than it is to postulate many hundreds of local cataclysms to explain the same data. Especially is this so in the light of the fact that God said He caused a worldwide flood to destroy all animals and plants.

Let us not forget the fact that fossils are not being formed today. Fossils are formed only by rapid burial from a great cataclysmic event such as a flood. Certainly this fact is consistent with the Biblical record. We should expect the fossil record and the Biblical record to agree.

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