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The Great Dinosaur Mistake


The geological evidence of a global flood catastrophe is borne out by the flood traditions which have come down to us from many ancient peoples. Almost every ancient culture had a flood tradition which tells of a great watery catastrophe. A hero is featured, whether his name is Noah or Utnaphistim, who was instructed by God, or by gods in the more pagan philosophies, to build an ark, a boat, or a raft, or in some instances to climb the highest mountain in order to escape the great flood which was going to destroy all life on the earth.

The Chinese have a flood tradition which is very similar to the Biblical account. The same is true also of the natives of some of the oceanic islands. A missionary on one of the islands was presenting a message about Noah when, suddenly, a native jumped up and said, "That is exactly like our flood story. The only difference is that your people wrote yours down and we have just passed ours on by word of mouth."

Flood traditions are found among the Greeks, the Romans, Indian tribes of Mexico and South America, and peoples and cultures all around the world. Though not in themselves proving anything, their almost universal occurrence is surely significant. In conjunction with the extensive geological evidence for a global flood, these traditions offer strong support for what God says in His book, the Bible.

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