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The Great Dinosaur Mistake

Where have all the People Gone?

If there were a world wide flood we might expect to find something else. It should be plausible to believe that, beginning with Noah and his wife some 4000 to 8000 years ago, normal population growth would produce the present world population. According to Ussher's chronology the flood would have taken place about 4300 years ago, which is perhaps the latest it could have occurred. We will assume this is true for a moment and begin with Mr. and Mrs. Noah to see if we can produce the present population. First of all, we will say that Noah did not live 950 years, we will say that he did not live 350 years after the flood as the Bible states, but instead he lived only 43 years and died. We will say that his children did not live for 400 years but only 43 years and they died. We will say that Noah did not live long enough to see his grandchildren. He lived long enough to have his children, he died, and his children had children, his children died, so there are no living grandparents and therefore no overlapping generations. This does two things. It gives us 100 equal generations of 43 years each with no overlapping generations and of course, it naturally solves the age old problem of the generation gap. If Noah had only two children and died, and they had only two children and died, and their children had only two children and died, the population would always be two.

For population growth it is necessary that more than two children be born each generation. Assume that each couple has on the average 2.4 children, 1.2 boys and 1.2 girls.

Beginning with Mr. and Mrs. Noah and 2.4 children born each generation, in 100 generations of 43 years each, subtracting for those people who died in each generation, the present population of the world, a little over 3 1/2 billion people would result in 4300 years. This is quite reasonable because the growth rate of this population growth model corresponds to 1/2 of 1% per year. The present growth rate of the world's population is somewhat less than 2% per year, so with one-fourth of the present growth rate, our model still works. Thus the Bible is quite reasonable. This model allows for times when there were famines, plagues, wars, and times when people just did not like each other and did not have children. The Biblical chronology allows adequate time to produce the present population.

On the other hand, the evolutionist tells us that life has been here 500 million years or so. Man supposedly has been here for perhaps a million years. Some say that man has been here for 5 million years, others say 8 million. One gentleman we showed the dinosaur tracks to thought perhaps man had been here for 70 million years! Let us be consistent and conservative. Let us just start off with Mr. and Mrs. Zinjanthropus or Mr. and Mrs. Australopithecine and assume that they have been here one million years. Assume that they produced 2.4 children per generation and lived 43 years each generation and died. Subtract off for those people that died in each generation over the last million years. Using the same statistics that worked for the Bible, the present population of the earth ought to be 101800 power. For those who are not mathematicians, that is the number one followed by 1800 zeros. What does a number like this mean? Imagine all of the earth filled with people, all the oceans, people on top of people, covering all the earth, people stacked past the moon, past the edge of our solar system, and finally filling all of the known universe with people out to a distance of 10 billion light years, if the universe is indeed that large. All of that space filled with people accounts for only 1080 power. The evolutionary model becomes ridiculous.

On the other hand, if the million years is assumed, in order to have the world population of 300 million at the year 1 A.D., each family would have to have about 2.0016 children on the average. Another problem appears, however, for this would mean that in those million years some 370 billion people lived and died on this planet. My question is this: if the evolutionary theory is correct, where are all the fossil remains?

The Biblical framework does not produce this problem. It is reasonable, providing for the observed evidence which is seen to agree with the record of a worldwide flood which took place in the days of Noah, only a few thousand years ago.

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