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The Great Dinosaur Mistake

The Insects

We must also account for the insects. Again taking Ernst Mayr's figures, there are 850,000 species of insects. We need a male and a female of each species. Fortunately Noah did not have to figure out if he had a male and a female tsetse fly because God brought all the animals and insects to him. We need room for 1,700,000 individual insects for the 850,000 species. Giving each of these insects 2 inches of flying space, being very careful to pack the termites in the middle, 850,000 pairs of insects can be placed in 21 railroad boxcars. Thus, 146 railroad boxcars are needed for the animals and 21 railroad boxcars for the insects; or 176 railroad boxcars in all.

The ark, figuring the cubit at the smallest known measurement, 17.5 inches, has the capacity of 522 railroad boxcars. Very simply, that means we can put all of the animals in the lower story, Noah and his family on the second story, and we have plenty of room on the third story for recreational facilities. Or you could use the third deck, or extra room, for animals which have gone extinct before our time, such as dinosaurs.

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