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The Great Dinosaur Mistake


It seems to me that if we are going to accept the Bible as our authority, we are going to accept what God says when He states that He created all things by His power, and that man was created as the highest creature of God's creation, created to have dominion over all animals. Therefore, man must have had dominion over even dinosaurs, and the Bible must present us with a framework in which to explain dinosaurs.

What do we do with the claim that the dinosaur lived 70 million years ago? How are we going to date the time of the dinosaur?

Picture ourselves in the Glenrose, Texas area, at the Paluxy River. We find a piece of bone sticking out of the ground, excavate it, and say we have found a fossil. It looks very much like a dinosaur bone. We are not experts and cannot tell for sure just by looking at the bone that it was a dinosaur, so we call the university. They send out a geologist and a paleontologist.

The geologist examines the rock the paleontologist examines the fossil. We give them several months to make their study and when they are completely finished we begin to ask some questions.

We talk to the paleontologist first and ask, Sir, this fossil I found, is it a dinosaur?


Sir, how do you know it is a dinosaur?

It looks like a dinosaur.

This particular dinosaur when did he live?

The dinosaur lived some 70 million years ago.

How do you know that? Did you use the newest dating method, potassium-argon, carbon 14, one of those radioactive methods to date the fossil so you could tell it was 70 million years old?


Then how do you know the dinosaur is 70 million years old?

Elementary, I talked with the geologist and he told me the rock which contained the fossil is 70 million years old and so naturally anything I find inside is obviously the same age.

You cannot fight logic like that! This is sedimentary rock and by definition sedimentary rock is rock deposited from water which has become solid; if this particular rock formation is 70 million years old, obviously anything you find buried inside was deposited before the sediment became solid and is at least 70 million years old or older.

Dinosaurs are 70 million years old; most people accept this statement. It is printed as fact in scientific magazines, periodicals, newspapers, and textbooks.

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