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The Great Flying Saucer Myth

Beautiful Downtown Burbank?

Prophetically here in Genesis 10 you have a picture of God and His dealings with man, but the picture is quite different from what we are told by those who believe in UFOlogy. Genesis 11 is a picture of a great cultural center -- a melting pot of people -- a picture of the gathering of those people at the Tower of Babel. But God forced the people to scatter into other parts of the world. It is a strong statement, but a statement that tells us something very true about the origin of man upon our planet, something we often fail to recognize. It tells us that man did not come from primitive ancestors, waiting for mutations to better adapt himself physically to his surroundings. Rather, man was created perfect with all the abilities and intelligence he needed, but he failed because he fell into sin. He disobeyed and from that fall imperfect beings have come into existence and man is on a downward spiral as sin runs rampant on the earth.

You say, "Well, what about all the intelligence man displays today?" Man is not any more intelligent today than he was 50 or 100 years ago, or 2000 years ago. With all of our intelligence, we cannot figure out how pyramids were constructed.

Super craftsmen who cared about their work, worked long, hard hours. Since individual worth did not mean much, thousands of slaves were forced to haul stones. The huge stones were lifted with levers and pulleys in ways that we have trouble understanding. Egyptian technology was quite advanced and their knowledge quite adequate. Mankind today is not any more intelligent but we have accumulated more technology. We have the accumulated knowledge of the past, and are able to draw upon that knowledge and make improvements, But man today is still on that downward spiral, controlled by sin in accordance with the curse pronounced back in Eden. Civilization and mankind with all of his technology will crumble as God steps in to fulfill prophecy and to deal with the people on this planet.

It is this prophecy of judgement that calls our attention again to the claims of UFOlogists. In the next chapter we are going to discuss the prophetic significance of flying saucers in the Word of God and examine the ideas of those who believe in UFOlogy, the faith that flying saucers have landed on this planet and brought extraterrestrial beings to visit us. We will examine their message for mankind today as well as the evidence for their existence. Then we are going to apply this information to the prophetic picture in the Word of God. This will be done in order to understand something about the plan God has for the future, to understand what is happening now, and to understand the frightening warfare that has already begun between God and Satan on this planet. All the answers are in God's book, the Bible.

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