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The Great Flying Saucer Myth

The Great Flying Saucer Myth by Kelly L. Segraves

The Great Lie

Instead of coming in the name of Satan, these fallen sons of God claim to messengers of light or rulers from galactic federations, intelligent beings inhabiting the saucers. They propose concepts of great technology in order to help their cause, to lead us down the golden path of acceptance. Claiming to have visited us in the past they take credit for many of the technological advances of mankind. In an attempt to confuse us, they appear in many forms, some humanoid, some animal like, and some spirit. We are told that they have devices which scramble the molecular structure of the brain so they may travel as free spirits. This is an attempt to explain the demonic power of possession already attributed to fallen angels. They speak through the mind and it has been said even by those who fail to believe the Bible or any concept of the supernatural, that these saucerians possess contactees. Is it any wonder that those who remember such contactees under hypnosis speak with robot-like responses as if being controlled?

The similarities to actual cases of demon possession leave little to the imagination. If this is possession in a new modern sense and contactees are being manipulated to present a message that will ultimately deceive mankind, and if we will accept the message that man is truly being visited by beings from outer space and neglect to ask where these beings came from and how they developed their technology, we have truly been deceived. They tell us of the return of Jesus Christ in a saucer as they prepare us for a new age of technology.

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