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The Great Flying Saucer Myth

The Great Flying Saucer Myth by Kelly L. Segraves

The Testimony of Christ

Jesus Christ Himself gives His credence to this same testimony when He answers the Pharisees and Saducees who asked Him about marriage, "Have ye not read, that he which made them at the beginning made them male and female." (Matthew 19:3, 4) If evolution is true, this is a ridiculous statement because they already would have been male and female. Man coming from some evolutionary ancestry would have to come from something that was already male and female. Jesus Christ says, "No." He says that they were specifically made male and female.

If evolution is true, there are only three ways to interpret Christ's words: 1) He lied to us; 2) He did not know that our first parents evolved; He was deceived into believing that they were made male and female; or, 3) He knew that evolution was the method by which they came into existence, but He perpetrated a fraud upon the primitive people of His time, knowing that you and I would be intelligent enough to figure out man's evolution and we could interpret Scripture in that light.

Unless we are to accept the testimony of Jesus Christ as literal truth, those are the only three alternatives or options available. If some type of theistic evolution or evolutionary development of man is the way man came into existence, Christ's words must be modified or rejected. The Bible says God created man. He created them male and female and He created them for a purpose. We have here the unity of the human race; we have here a picture of marriage, a picture of perfection which was marred by man's disobedience and his fall and descent into sin. You ask, "What does all this introduction have to do with flying saucers?"

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