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Student Quiz

Fill in the blanks or answer the questions:

1. What man had not become wicked? NOAH

2. Who spoke to Noah about building an ark? GOD

3. What does wicked mean? BAD

4. What do aardvarks eat? TERMITES

5. Wood and PITCH were used in the building of the ark.

6. What did people do when they saw what Noah was doing? LAUGHED

7. What are some of the things Noah's family would have taken into the ark? (CHOOSE YOUR OWN ANSWERS)

8. Did Noah take only two of every kind of animal? YES

9. Which animals did he take in by sevens? CLEAN

10. Did Noah ask his friends and relatives to come into the ark? YES

11. What did they choose to do? NOT GO INSIDE THE ARK

12. God brought the animals to the ARK.

13. Who shut the door of the ark? GOD

14. What fell from the sky for the first time? RAIN

15. Did God forget about everyone in the ark once he shut the door? NO

16. What covered all the earth? WATER

17. Where did the ark land? MOUNT ARARAT

18. A DOVE was sent out and brought back an olive branch.

19. Who is our "Ark of Safety"? JESUS CHRIST

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