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Student Quiz Answers

Fill in the blanks or answer the questions:

1. Adam was created as part of God's PLAN.

2. BIRDS were created with a special ability to fily.

3. Christ created all CREATURES.

4. Do you have a pet? (answers may vary) What kind? (answers may vary)

5. What makes elephants different from other animals? THEY HAVE TRUNKS

6. What kind of sound does a frog make? CROAK or RIBBIT

7. Do you think the word "goatee" came because of the goat? (answers may vary)

8. Have you ever wanted a horse of your own? (answers may vary)

9. There are many insects in the world. Which one do you like best? (answers may vary)

10. What is your favorite jungle creature? (answers may vary)

11. Cats come in many SIZES and colors.

12. Can the leopard change his spots? NO

13. What bird likes to sing after dark? NIGHTINGALE

14. Is it only fish that live in the seas? NO

15. What mammals live in the oceans? WHALES (there are others)

16. Are you created special? YES

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