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Student Quiz Answers

Fill in the blanks or answer the questions:

1. The DINOSAUR is a cousin of lizards.

2. Creating HEAVEN and EARTH was part of God's plan.

3. God made the OCEAN and dry LAND.

4. Some creations were made either to SWIM, FLY, WALK or CRAWL.

5. But MAN was to be over all.

6. The special place God made was a GARDEN.

7. Plants and grass were good for food and so they ate no MEAT.

8. It didn't need to rain because a MIST watered the ground.

9. Things CHANGED after man disobeyed.

10. Man became very BAD or sinful.

11. The biggest land creatures were DINOSAURS.

12. Reptiles GROW their whole life.

13. God warned Noah about a FLOOD.

14. Noah was to build an ARK to save his family and the animals.

15. Would taking young animals into the ark be a good idea? YES

16. They spent one YEAR in the ark.

17. They landed on Mt. ARARAT.

18. Reptiles don't live as long today as they did before the FLOOD.

19. God sent the flood because of MAN'S disobedience.

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