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Student Quiz Answers

Fill in the blanks or answer the questions:

1. It is true that a donkey once TALKED.

2. This story is about a PROPHET, a KING and a FRIEND.

3. JESUS was born in a stable in Bethlehem.

4. Joseph and Mary took the baby to EGYPT.

5. The Prophets name was BALAAM.

6. King BALAK sent the princes from MOAB.

7. The first time Balaam REFUSED to go with them.

8. Balaam was NOT supposed to go.

9. God had to send his ANGEL, but Balaam didn't see him.

10. When the donkey turned away, Balaam STRUCK the donkey.

11. The donkey turned toward the wall because he saw the ANGEL.

12. Then the donkey TALKED to Balaam.

13. Then Balaam saw the ANGEL with the SWORD.

14. The donkey had just SAVED his LIFE.

15. Balaam knew he had to OBEY God.

16. JESUS grew to be a man.

17. He was hailed as KING.

18. Are you ready to follow God's plan for your life? YES

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