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Student Quiz Answers

Fill in the blanks or answer the questions:

1. The name of the garden God created was EDEN.

2. We think an elephant has a GOOD memory.

3. The Lord made the MOUNTAINS, the RIVERS and TREES.

4. Different places for water that He made were LAKES, RIVERS and SEAS.

5. The Lord God formed a man named ADAM.

6. Man was created BEFORE the animals.

7. ADAM named all the animals.

8. God used a rib from Adam to create the first WOMAN.

9. ADAM was in charge over all the animals.

10. What kinds of food were in the garden to eat? PLANTS and FRUIT.

11. The tree that they were not to eat of was in the MIDDLE of the garden.

12. They would DIE if they ate of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.

13. The SERPENT tempted Eve to eat of the fruit of the tree "in the middle."

14. Adam ATE of the fruit of the tree also.

15. Did they disobey? YES

16. Adam and Eve were sent OUT of the garden.

17. Is obeying God the best way? YES

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