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Student Guide

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Answers to Crossword Puzzle


1. God told Noah to BUILD the ark.

2. The earth was covered with WATER.

3. The RAIN fell from the sky.

4. Baby DINOSAURS could fit in the ark.

5. JAPETH checked the design of the ark.

6. Noah’s FRIENDS were told about the rain to come.

7. They were in the ark for one YEAR.

8. HAM didn’t have time to play in the park.

9. The LION did not bite.

10. NOAH was faithful.

11. The others just LAUGHED.

12. All the TREES were all covered with water.

13. The flood was UNIVERSAL.

14. “Z” is for ZOOM.


15. Noah had three CHILDREN.

16. The ark was made from GOPHER wood.

17. The rain caused people to PANIC.

18. The ARK was built by Noah.

19. God made EVERYTHING.

20. The MEN and women refused to believe Noah.

21. There was even room for all the INSECTS.

22. Noah checked the pockets of the KANGAROOS.

23. The flood caused the earth to QUAKE.

24. SHEM prayed to the LORD.

25. Another word for keeping a “record” is XYLOGRAPH.

26. There were no VALLEYS or land to be seen anywhere.