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Student Quiz Answers

Fill in the blanks or answer the questions:

1. God made the MOON and the SUN.

2. He made creatures that SWIM and others that FLY.

3. Adam and EVE lived in the GARDEN.

4. They sinned and HID from the Lord.

5. God must send His SON.

6. His Son was born in a STABLE in Bethlehem.

7. The Lord came to show God's LOVE.

8. He HEALED the sick.

9. What did the Lord's death give us? SALVATION

10. Christ AROSE from the DEAD.

11. He showed His POWER over death.

12. Christ showed His friends He was ALIVE.

13. We are to GO and TELL others of birth, life, death and resurrection.

14. Christ waits at the Father's RIGHT hand.

15. He is coming back to earth when GOD says so.

16. Are you ready for His return? YES

17. He came so we could live FOREVER in heaven with Him.

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