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Student Quiz Answers

Fill in the blanks or answer the questions:

1. God spoke to JOSHUA.

2. To whom was the law given? MOSES

3. Joshua told the people to be ready to MARCH in three days.

4. He sent men to SPY out the city.

5. RAHAB hid the men from harm.

6. They used a ROPE to escape through a window.

7 . The people obeyed God and crossed the Jordan river on DRY LAND.

8. The man with a SWORD had a message for Joshua.

9. The people were not AFRAID.

10. The people marched around JERICHO.

11. They marched ONE time each DAY.

12. The seventh day they marched SEVEN times.

13. The WALLS came tumbling down when the TRUMPETS blew.

14. We must learn to OBEY and LOVE God each day.

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