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Student Quiz Answers

Fill in the blanks or answer the questions:

1. The LION is called the king of the beasts.

2. This story is about a young man named DANIEL.

3. Daniel was taken from ISRAEL by the people of Babylon.

4. The king of Babylon TRUSTED Daniel.

5. Daniel had a special gift from God. He could tell about the DREAMS.

6. Daniel knew what DREAMS meant.

7. Did everyone in Babylon like Daniel? NO

8. The king made a law that no one could PRAY.

9. Daniel prayed every DAY.

10. The king was angry at the EVIL men.

11. He hoped Daniel would not PRAY.

12. Daniel was thrown in the LION'S den.

13. The lions left DANIEL in peace.

14. The king was thankful to GOD to see that Daniel was safe.

15. Not all people believe in the POWER of prayer.

16. Should we obey God? YES

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