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Student Guide

Answers to the Crossword Puzzle


1. PRAISE the Lord.

5. Jonah's DISOBEDIENCE was the reason for the storm.

6. Because of SIN Jesus died on the cross.

7. Some of Jonah's HAIR was missing.

10. The SHIP was tossed about on the water.

11. A WHALE gave Jonah a ride.

12. God gave the Whale this TASK.


2. The Whale gave Jonah a RIDE.

3. God SENT the Whale to the ship.

4. JONAH preached to the people.

5. The people of Nineveh did not eat

7. HE was cast into the stormy sea.

8. IT is always best to obey.

9. Jonah RAN from God's leading.

10. The SEA was very stormy.