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Because of my jumping experience I thought that hurdling would be the best event for me. And so I tried hurdling. And hurdle I did.

I began with the low hurdles for they were the easiest to begin with. First I had to learn the technique and develop that technique into a style that I was comfortable with. I had to learn to run and to take the hurdles without breaking my stride. Of course, I stumbled a lot and tripped. I fell flat on my face, but I could always look at the coach and see a smile on his face and so I always got up and tried again. And again.

So I became a hurdler. I mastered the low hurdles and I mastered the high hurdles. I ran the hurdles faster and faster until I reached my limit. I was a good hurdler but I was still a hurdler.

For the hurdles were always there. They were always the same. And the race was always the same. Once you have mastered the hurdles you have mastered the hurdles. Once you have learned to run and take them in your stride, you run as if the hurdles aren't even there. You run, but you don't think about the hurdles and the hurdles don't bother you. So you might as well run without them. They are no longer obstacles and they are no longer needed. So you forget the hurdles.

But they were still there. And I grew tired of hurdling for the sake of hurdling. I knew the hurdles were no longer obstacles, I had mastered them, yet, I realized I did not need them, that I could run without them, without fear. I knew I could run and I knew I must run. So I left hurdling to become a runner.

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