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How thrilled I was to enter the great field that led to the stadium. Why, this was the Valley of Decision. I had come all this way, passed all of these doubts, anxieties and shortcomings in order to step forward into this Aisle of Conquest. I had won my battle and I was here. I had my ticket and I wanted to enter the arena, the coliseum. I wanted entrance to the Great Meet.

And entrance itself was simple. Really. I had come forward across the Mountain of Doubt. I had come to receive and claim that which was mine. And I did.

At the gate I showed my ticket and the usher greeted me with a friendly smile and said, "Enter. The price has already been paid. Admittance is yours. It's been yours all along. You had only to claim it. To accept it. And you have. Welcome."

And there was great joy and happiness. There were tears and there was laughter. And I was welcomed and loved. And I knew that I belonged. I had entered the Great Meet. I had received my gift.

And so I entered the vast arena. There was noise and excitement as thousands of people sat, and stood, and cheered. In fact, there were so many spectators that the stadium nearly overflowed with people.

I was seated next to a kindly gentleman who looked like he knew what he was doing -- as if he had been sitting there a long time. His name was Complacency. Next to him was Apathy and behind me was Contentment.

I felt at peace. For the arena, the action, the excitement was so different from the world I knew. I, too, was content, satisfied, overjoyed with my new surroundings. Nothing else mattered. I had made it, I was sitting at last.

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