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The Way it Was

The Way It Was by Kelly L. Segraves

A Problem

But note an additional problem: in an atmosphere of methane, ammonia hydrogen, water vapor and oxygen one can generate electrical sparks all day long and never produce any amino acids. With oxygen present they cannot be produced; without oxygen they cannot exist. A scientist may demonstrate something within a controlled situation in a laboratory, but in the earth itself he would encounter this interesting paradox. Life could not come about this way.

We frequently hear about experiments creating life in the laboratory. Suppose man develops an apparatus allowing him to duplicate, make, or form life in a laboratory? Does that disprove the Bible? Does it prove evolution to be true? Not at all. It would merely show that it takes intelligence to create life. Man with all his accumulated scientific knowledge since the beginning of time, man with all of his technical advances, man with all of his billions of dollars of laboratory equipment would be finally have been able to duplicate something that God originated in the beginning. But at the same time that would totally disprove the idea that life could ever come about by chance. The creation of life demands intelligence, design and planning. Neither chance nor matter have these properties. It is totally unreasonable to believe that dead matter is responsible for life and all the complexities we observe today. Yet evolutionists continually speak about life beginning in such a manner.

In Berkeley, California, where scientists reportedly created life in a test tube, they took living cells and extracted the DNA molecules which contain the coded information of cells. When this DNA was placed in a test tube with an energy supplying chemical, nothing happened. But when the DNA-produced enzyme from other living cells was added, the DNA reproduced. But this is like cutting your hand off, sewing it back on again, and saying you created a hand. Actually, all you have done is rearrange life. You may have learned a few things, but you have not created because you began with life and ended with life. Only an experiment beginning exclusively with the molecules would fairly test the hypothesis.

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