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The Way it Was

The Way It Was by Kelly L. Segraves

 They Still Believe It!

One would think that this signaled the death blow to the idea of spontaneous generation. It cannot be observed, it cannot be demonstrated - we cannot prove it, we cannot verify it --and all experiments confirm just the opposite. Yet we find scientist such as George Wald, a recognized evolutionary biologist, asserting that we teach the experiments of Pasteur to our students as if this were a triumph of science over mysticism. He personally that life in the beginning did arise by spontaneous generation because the only alternative is to believe in God, and he regards this as unscientific. We ask in turn, how much science is involved in believing something which is totally negated by all scientific experiments? He holds this position not because of great overwhelming scientific evidence for spontaneous generation, but because of his preconceived ideas, personal prejudice, opinion, and disbelief in God. And he holds that position on faith.

Calculate, if you , the odds against life ever coming about spontaneously. Take an 8 1/2 x 11 inch sheet of paper and put the number "1" in the upper left-hand corner. Type zeros after it, single spaced, until you fill up the whole page with zeros; turn the sheet over and type additional zeros upon the entire page. Continue filling pages with zeros until you produce a volume three inches thick. Compile enough volumes to spread across the United States. Stack volumes until they reach past the moon. That is the number of volumes necessary to contain the number of chances to one that life would ever come about by spontaneous generation. Not impossible, but highly unlikely. To hold that position, one is exercising faith, not upholding evidence which is overwhelmingly in his favor. Such a position is held basically because as Wald says, one chooses not to believe in God.

The thesis here is that with infinite time and no creative power life could appear. Yet the Bible maintains that with no time and God as absolute power, life came into existence. Recognize that infinite time and zero power can accomplish nothing, but no time and infinite power can accomplish anything.

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