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The Way it Was

The Way It Was by Kelly L. Segraves


Because of inaccuracies in certain theories concerning mutations and natural selection, an excellent scientist, an evolutionist named Goldschmidt, proposed a mechanism to oppose Darwinian evolution, his "Hopeful Monster Theory." It was his idea that two reptiles mated, an egg was laid, and out popped a parakeet. He suggested that major mutations occurred all at once and everything was rearranged correctly to produce a bird. Of course, most of the birds died, but a few lived. There had to be two reptiles to mate and produce an egg,, out of which came a bird. During that bird's lifetime the same miraculous event would have to occur someplace else in the vicinity. If both birds were male, of course, the race would die. Goldschmidt presented an interesting case against evolution. Those neo-Darwinists who accept natural selection and mutation feel that they present an equally good case against Goldschmidt. I tend to disagree with both. The Bible provides an excellent explanation and lacks the inherent problems of the other theories.

A group of evolutionary mathematicians held a symposium at the Wistar Institute, the report of which was published under the title Mathematical Challenges to the Neo-Darwinian Interpretation of Evolution. Mathematicians and a group of evolutionary biologists met to make presentations on natural selection and mutations. The mathematicians assumed that only one out of 1000 mutations are favorable. Not considering the effects of the 999 harmful mutations, they still showed it to be mathematically impossible for evolution by mutations and natural selection alone to account for all of the various life forms living on the earth today, even allowing for six billions years of evolution -- or, for that matter, 36 billion years. Fortunately, the Biblical viewpoint that God created all things, that God created life, provides us with a better explanation for the origin of all things. God even tells us about the origin of the sun and the moon.

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