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The Way it Was

The Way It Was by Kelly L. Segraves

 Birds Do It

The same is true of birds. Those same little sea creatures must develop backbones and somehow become fish. These fish evolve off their front fins and evolve front legs, evolve back legs, evolve off their tail fin into a long thin tail, change their breathing apparatus from gill slits to noses, become amphibians and change the shape of their eggs from jelly-like to hard-shelled and finally become reptiles. somehow these reptiles developed certain changes in the structure of their front legs. These changes were passed on through generations until their front legs looked liked winged appendages. Some of these appendages got so large they dragged on the rocks and became tattered. These tattered appendages were passed on to offspring until the tattered and frayed legs looked like feathered ones. One day some of these reptiles, flapping their large feathered appendages, took off and became birds. Wings can be tacked onto just about anything but that does not mean the object will fly. The creature must be aerodynamically designed for flight capability.

Thoughtful analysis of Darwin’s own concept of natural selection and survival of the fittest soon convinces us that birds could never have come into existence by this process. According to Darwin the animal that is unfit to survive will not survive. Consider two reptiles who are competing for survival, one with normal legs and one with large feathered appendages hanging out to get trapped in rocks and caught in trees. The latter reptile is not fit to survive, and would die out before he ever learns to fly. Other possibilities have been presented to explain the appearance of birds. Remember Goldschmidts’s "hopeful monster theory" because he realized Darwinism was a failure. This theory proposed, for example, that a reptile laid an egg and a bird hatched. One problem with this is that another reptile had to lay another egg and another gird had to hatch. One of the two hopeful monsters had to be a female and the other a male. Both had to be born in the same locale. Biologically this is impossible. That much change because of that much mutation could not possibly produce an animal able to survive.

Those who use the Bible as their authority do not have these problems. The Bible states that God created great whales and every living creature that moves in the sea as well as great winged fowl to fly above the earth. And God saw that His creation was good. Each was created and designed to live in its own special environment, created to reproduce after its kind and this accounts for the differences among the animals. The great Designer planned these creatures to live and multiply and fill the earth. "The evening and the morning were the fifth day."

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