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We are indebted to many who have written before us and to many colleagues who have contributed their knowledge and suggestions along the pathway of authorship. Most of those whose works have proven invaluable to the present authors are recognized in the footnotes and bibliographical listing. Others who have served on the staff of the Creation-Science Research Center and made definite contributions to first edition this book included Miss Carole Barklow who searched the stars; Dr. James DeSaegher and Mrs. John Atkinson, who perused early stages of English composition; Mrs. James DeSaegher, who typed much of the original manuscript with a sharp eye for errors; and Dr. Robert F. Koontz, our resident entomologist for several years, who inspired our respect for the complex little creeping creatures that inhabited the jars and boxes in his office-laboratory. Also incorporated in the book were important technical contributions due to three original members of the Board of Trustees of the Creation-Science Research Center Mr. Everett Purcell, Mr. John Read, and Mr. James Honeyman. Dr. John N. Moore offered constructive criticisms of the original manuscript. We are also much indebted to Dr. Victor L. Oliver for his very helpful contribution as a reviewer original material relating to "Man."

All of the people mentioned above were important to the publication of the original 1975 edition of our book. Since 1980 the senior author has made many revisions and additions, benefiting greatly from the work of numerous men and women reported in the publications of the Creation Research Society, the Institute for Creation Research, the Bible-Science Association, and other creationist organizations. In particular we would mention Dr. Duane Gish and Dr. Steve Austin of the Institute for Creation Research for their writings on fossils and geology. We will feel satisfied if to the work of this galaxy of Christian scientists we have added a few original insights and perhaps some fresh approaches to several specific problems and to some important aspects of the overall Christian scientific apologetic. We all together, as the Apostle Paul wrote to the Corinthians, desire before everything "to know Jesus Christ and Him crucified."

Robert E. Kofahl & Kelly L. Segraves
San Diego, California
May 1995

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