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The Creation Explanation

Creation Explanation Preface
Creation and evolution are now being debated in public, even in the mass media, and in the schools and universities. Those who are materialists (and therefore believe in evolution) have long dominated the scientific, educational, and literary realms. But a reaction is setting in, and those who believe in creation are increasingly being heard.

The sentences quoted above are the opening words of the Preface to the first edition of The Creation Explanation published in 1975. There seemed to be reason for some optimism about the growing movement to promote the knowledge of the biblical doctrine of divine special creation and the scientific evidence that supports it. Indeed, some victories were won by Christians attempting to gain a hearing for alternatives to evolutionary theory in the tax-funded schools and universities. In 1981 the Creation-Science Research Center in San Diego gained a trial judgment and court order that installed the Anti-dogmatism Policy as required policy for the State Board of Education and the State Department of Education in California. But the wily bureaucrats saw the loophole in the court order to disseminate the Anti-dogmatism Policy. Judge Irving Perluss, trusting the bureaucrats, ordered them to disseminate the Anti-dogmatism Policy but did not explicitly order them to implement that policy, assuming that as honorable public servants, they would do. Consequently, the State Board continued to approve and purchase books teaching evolution dogmatically as fact, while occasionally giving lip service to the Anti-dogmatism Policy.

The final step to total anti-Christian secularist control of California public schools was achieved by the State Board in its adoption of the 1990 Science Framework for California Schools. This 220-page document mandates the teaching of evolution as fact. For example, in the California public schools it is now a fact that humans are "anthropoid apes" that "evolved from other apes." Thus it is obvious that in the public schools Christians are definitely not winning in the creation/evolution conflict. They are not even winning the battle to preserve their freedom of speech and the free exercise of their religion.

In the American universities and in the science journals, likewise, evolution continues to dominate. A substantial proportion of the research reports and articles published in he standard scientific journals continue quite plainly to reflect total commitment to the secularist evolutionary view of all of reality. No expressions critical of the secularist perspective ever are allowed to contaminate their pristine pages. A very few committed Bible-believing Christians may still be found on the faculties of major colleges and universities. It is virtually impossible, however, for them to publish in any professional journal even the slightest hint of a creationist interpretation of scientific data or any doubt whatsoever that evolution is the overarching "truth" of the history of the cosmos. The anti-Christian Iron Curtain is shut down tighter than ever on the American mind. It is ironic that in the former Soviet Union the universities and public schools are now open to discussion and even promotion of Christian and creationist views.

In the United States, in the thinking of the general public and of those who believe the Bible or yearn to believe its message of salvation from sin, there continues to be much ignorance, confusion and a minimum of real understanding of the relationship of science to creation and evolution. Often the public discussion in the mass media is not well informed, and misconceptions are spread and believed by many. Sometimes, devout Christians use faulty information in the defense of their faith in creation and rejection of evolution. Unfortrunately this leaves them and other Christians involved in the creation/evolution controversy at a disadvantage, vulnerable to criticism and ridicule.

The Creation Explanation is written to correct some of the widely held misconceptions and to bring together facts from science that support the biblical record of creation and the Flood of Noah. It also brings critical analysis to bear on some of the evolutionary theories and the evidence which is adduced in their support. But rather than purely negative frontal attack on evolution, the principal purpose of the author is more to bring together a positive structure of supporting evidence for intelligent, purposeful design, that is, for special creation of all things by God. Nevertheless, critical response to the claims of evolutionary theorists is necessary. Their data, we believe, do not necessarily support their thesis, but can be accommodated within a creation model of the world, often in a more satisfactory manner. Each reader must come prayerfully to his or her own conclusions.

Whether it will ever be possible to take from the anti-Christian secularists their present total monopoly control of the tax-funded schools and universities is not clear. Christians, however, must have confidence in the power of the truth of the Scriptures to change people and to change society. May God use The Creation Explanation to help bring this change for the glory our Triune God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

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