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The Creation Explanation

Creation Explanation The Ultimate Design

He Has Spoken to Man

The answer to our second question does the Creator have anything to say to man? flows naturally from our first conclusion. One of the principal characteristics of man the personal being is his continual communication with family, friends, neighbors, co-workers. This is one of the factors which makes human culture and society so infinitely more meaningful than anything animals do. And our communication is carried on primarily by the use of symbols called words. Words are the only medium by which propositional truth can be communicated between humans.

Well, then, if God created man in His own image, a personal being who continually desires to communicate with others, is it not reasonable to believe that the Creator, the infinite-personal Spirit, should desire to communicate His truth and love to man? Is the Creator dumb" Does not puny, ignorant, limited, disobedient man need to receive the wisdom and knowledge of God? and would the Creator withhold from man the truth the he needs for his life, happiness, and fellowship with the Creator? The only reasonable response to these questions is to affirm that the Creator must have something to say to us.

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