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He Has Spoken in the Bible

Our third question may be rephrased as follows: Is it reasonable to believe that God has spoken to man by means of prophecies and revelations written down by chosen men and collected in a book? A common complaint against the Bible's being the Word of God is that since the Bible was written by fallible humans, it must therefore be full of human errors and so cannot be the Word of God. Our response to this charge, in the form of a typical exchange which has ensued on numerous occasions between this author (A) and an unbeliever (U) runs thus:

A. Did you ever write a letter?

U. Sure.

A. what did you write it with?

U. With a pencil.

A. Then you didn't write it. The pencil did.

U. Oh, no. I made the pencil write.

A. Then you are able to make the pencil put your thoughts, your word on paper?

U. Yes.

A. Is not the God who created the prophets and the apostles even more able to use them as His divinely controlled writers to put His truth for man in words collected in a book? After all, He not only created the prophets and apostles, but He also arranged their family history and their life experiences so that they were prepared to be living pens. Through them the divine revelation flowed, so that the Bible is at once a divine and a human book, yet infallibly preserved from error, for God is absolutely sovereign in the control of all His creatures. In 2 Peter 1:21 the Bible says, "for the prophecy never came by the will of man, but holy men of God spoke as they were moved by the Holy Spirit."

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