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About the Creation-Science Research Center

Creation vs. Evolution The Basics Explained
This article explains why the Christian should believe in Creation and why the "burden of proof" is on the evolutionist.

25 Years of Progress 1962-1987
This article discusses the history of the Creation-Science Research Center from 1962-1987.

Charles Darwin's Hidden Agenda for Science
This short article discusses Darwin's family, his education, his rejection of biblical faith and his plan to redefine science.

The Teaching of Evolution in the Science Curriculum
An article by Dr. Robert E. Kofahl that discusses the Creation/Evolution controversy and how it should be addressed in the science classroom.

Creation Essays by Robert E. Kofahl

A series of essays, written by Robert E Kofahl.
1. Where Does Knowledge Come From?
2. The World Prepared for Darwin, and the World He Made
3. Original Sin in the Garden of Science?
4. Creation Provides No Mechanisms for the Origin of Biological Designs? Neither Does Evolution!
5. The Relationship of Science to Biblical Faith
6. Design in Living Things Points to God the Creator
7. What Do Fossils Prove? Or, Are Dem Bones Connected?
8. The Ultimate Design
9. Evolution or Creation--Does It Matter? (Part One)
10. Evolution or Creation--Does It Matter? (Part Two)
11. Do Similarities Prove Evolution From a Common Ancestor?
18. Evidence for a Young Earth
27. Theistic Evolution--No Real Answers & a Barrel of Problems
32. Does Classical Genetics Support Creation or Evolution?
42. Man from Apes: Has Science Proved It Yet?
44. Probability and the Origin of Life
45. The Scientific Case for Evolution Has Never Been Proved!

Online Books
The Creation Explanation by Robert E. Kofahl & Kelly L. Segraves
A scientific alternative to evolution. This is the "online" version of the book by Robert E. Kofahl & Kelly L. Segraves. The Creation Explanation presents an impressive array of data from the natural world for anyone who seeks a valid alternative to the theory of evolution.
Handy Dandy Evolution Refuter by Robert E. Kofahl
Handy Dandy Evolution Refuter
This is the "online" version of the popular book by Robert E. Kofahl. Here you'll find answers to many scientific questions pertaining to evolution.
The Way It Was
Once there was nothing -- no life, no earth, not even a universe. Suddenly, the earth appeared out of the darkness, plant life sprang up, and the universe and the animals came into existence. Then man appeared to take his rightful place on the planet earth. But how? And when? This book tells The Way it Was.

Jesus Christ Creator
This book by Kelly L. Segraves gives a Scripturally based presentation for the case of Creation through the purposeful, intelligent design of Jesus Christ Creator.