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The Great Dinosaur Mistake

A Major Factor

The life span was probably lengthened also by other factors in the environment which God had created. Perhaps one such factor was the filtering out of solar ultraviolet rays by a water canopy which covered the earth, producing a green house effect and tropical conditions throughout much of the earth. This canopy would be dissipated by the great flood. Forty days and forty nights of rainfall reduced the water in the upper atmosphere before the flood to a much smaller amount after the flood, thus allowing more of the ultraviolet light from the sun to reach the earth. It is proposed that some drastic changes in the lifespan of man and animals resulted from increased ultraviolet and other radiations. Add to this the fact that during the flood much of the trace mineral content of the soil had been dissolved out by water and it becomes apparent that very important pre-flood environmental conditions were at an end, never to be restored.

Most of the vegetation was destroyed and some time was required for it to grow back. We can now understand why reptiles, as well as man, were affected by the drastic changes after the flood. The Bible gives a framework for the growth of large reptiles, even dinosaurs. But it also contains the framework which explains the demise of the dinosaur, why they are now extinct.

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