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The Great Dinosaur Mistake

A Brontosaurus In The Ark

Did Noah take two 60 ton brontosaurus into the ark? God probably sent two baby dinosaurs. They take up a lot less room, are easier to take care of, and have a tendency to live longer after the catastrophe. God's purpose was to preserve life upon the earth.

The ark was large enough to take even these creatures, and I believe that dinosaurs were on the ark.

The Biblical framework explains the origin of dinosaurs much better than the evolutionist. The Bible infers that dinosaurs were created in the beginning by God. It describes the behemoth and the leviathan as beasts created by God to display to man the power of God. Laviathan is the king of the creatures of pride, he had reason to be, he was created by God to show His power. (Job 40 and 41) God Created even these great creatures but gave man dominion over them. The cartoon characters of the Flintstones and Ally Oop may have a speck of truth after all. At any rate, man and dinosaurs did live at the same time. They would have been destroyed by an event which was worldwide in nature, a great cataclysm of water which buried all animals and plants, sent in judgment because of the wickedness and degeneration of man upon this planet. So the Bible gives an explanation for why dinosaurs died out and is consistent with what we know about fossils, for fossils are buried by some type of water action, laid down in sediment by water in a great water cataclysm. Certainly we would expect a fossil record if the Biblical account is true.

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