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The Great Dinosaur Mistake

A Comparison

This is a much better explanation of dinosaurs than that of the evolutionary theorist who cannot tell why the dinosaur came into existence or what it evolved from who cannot explain why the dinosaur died out despite the fact that it was the most powerful creature that ever lived. Charles Darwin says natural selection, survival of the fittest, is one of the reasons certain old life forms died out and new forms of life come into existence.

Dinosaurs were perhaps the most fit creatures to survive that ever lived, so the evolutionist has a real problem explaining why they died out. Yet in his view, death is the primary reason why man is here. According to the evolutionist things would be too hostile for man in the realm of the dinosaur. Therefore it would be necessary for dinosaurs to have died out for man to come into existence.

The Bible tells us by God and by His power man came into existence. The evolutionary framework indicates in the fossil record, certain animals in certain periods of time died out giving rise to other animals which came into existence, which then died out giving rise to other animals, which ultimately gave rise to man. Death is one of the primary reasons man finally came to have dominion over the earth. The evolutionist says by death came man. The Bible says that by man came death -- by his disobedience. So the Bible and evolution are incompatible. But, if we are willing to dismiss the evolutionary hypothesis, we find that the Bible gives us a framework which explains the rise of dinosaurs and explains their demise. The dinosaur was created by God in the beginning and died out in the years following the great flood.

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