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The Great Dinosaur Mistake

Other Evidence

Evidence in many other places of the world indicates that man and dinosaur lived together. More footprints of man and dinosaur in the same strata are found elsewhere. Wall paintings in the caves of Rhodesia are rather interesting. These paintings depict the Brontosaurus. This dinosaur was supposed to have become extinct 70 million years ago, but these bushmen who painted them did not leave their caves until 3500 years ago, or 1500 B.C.

The problem for the evolutionist in this particular instance is the fact that the bushmen only painted things they could actually see, that existed in their realm of understanding: they painted only from real life. Since dinosaurs were supposed to have died out so long ago there would not have been any around for them to paint, unless the 70 million year claim is wrong.

Thinking the reported cave paintings were quite a significant find of great interest, Ev Purcell, a member of the Board of Directors of the Creation-Science Research Center wrote to a paleontologist in Rhodesia. The paleontologist was asked to check on these pictures. He should be excited at the find and wish to examine it personally.

Photographs and artists' copies of the drawings showed the long neck of a Brontosaurus extending up out of the reeds. But the paleontologist in Rhodesia wrote that the paintings could not be a brontosaurus because the brontosaurus died out 70 million years ago. Since the bushmen only painted from real life and left their caves 3500 years ago, the inquirer obviously must be mistaken in his interpretation.

Without ever leaving his office he decided that the paintings must be of a giraffe or an ant bear. An ant bear is a type of aardvark. Personally, I feel that any paleontologist who cannot tell the difference between a giraffe and an aardvark probably would not know a brontosaurus if he saw one. This man would not even bother to leave his office because he did not want to be confused by facts. His mind was made up.

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