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The Great Dinosaur Mistake

A Better Explanation

When it comes to the account of dinosaurs, the Bible gives us a better explanation of this creature than does the evolutionist. He lived before the flood, roamed the earth, was the king of the creatures of pride, created by God to display His power to mankind, he died out because of the great flood and the drastic changes after the flood. We are told that environmental conditions were very different after the flood. Man's life span was shortened; Noah's sons lived perhaps 400 years and died. Later in the days of Peleg, 200 years was a long life span. Just a few generations later, in the time of Abraham, Sarah was too old to conceive at the age of 90. That is quite a difference when before the flood people had sons and daughters for 800 to 900 years.

Evidently the filtering out of the ultraviolet light was lessened after the flood causing a shortened life span. Trace minerals in the soil were washed out to sea and the conditions were drastically different. It is interesting to note that the largest animals upon our earth today are the mammals that live in the depths of the sea. These mammals, the whale family, are the largest creatures that ever lived. The blue whale is larger than any dinosaur ever found. Living in the sea, this whale eats by straining the small plankton from the waters.

It is in the ocean water that the trace minerals would have gone. It is here that kelp grows at fantastic rates indicative of the fact that sea water must be very rich in elements essential to life.

The mineral content of the ocean is another evidence that something great must have happened to the land mass in times past.

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