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The Great Dinosaur Mistake

A Problem of Order

In addition, we find certain places where the fossils themselves are drastically out of order. At Chief Mountain in Montana you can see part of the Lewis Overthrust. This Mountain is a block of so called Pre-Cambrian rock that is supposed to be over 500 million years old, sitting on top of Cretaceous strata from the supposed age of the dinosaurs, alleged to be 70 million years old. That is a real problem. It means that 430 million years of the geologic column are nonexistent and missing. But the evolutionist has an answer to that. He says there was an overthrust. He claims 500 million years of strata were lying there in the proper order, young rocks on top, old rocks on the bottom. Then compressional forces ruptured the strata and pushed or thrust the rocks on the west toward the east, up and over the rocks on the east. This resulted finally in the lower layers of very old Pre-Cambrian rocks from the west lying on top of the much younger Cretaceous rocks that were originally the surface on the east side of the thrust area. Subsequently in this imaginary scenario erosion supposedly wore away the original upper young Cretaceous layers of the western block clear down to the Pre-Cambrian layers of the western block. Thus it explained the fact of the Pre-Cambrian layers of the western block. Thus is explained the fact of the Pre-Cambrian Chief Mountain sitting on top of supposedly much younger Cretaceous rock.

Is this a plausible explanation? Overthrusts have occurred, without question, but did the Lewis Overthrust actually take place? Let us consider the evidence. Whenever an overthrust occurs and rock layers slide over each other, the two moving layers grind up much rock and leave a thick layer of material called fault breccia. Whenever such huge masses of rock move, there should be left behind the evidence of that movement. Here the evolutionist is telling us that 350,000 billion tons of rock moved over a 35 mile area and dropped into place without a trace of rock movement. That is magic, not science.

Why does he say that? Because the dinosaur fossils are found on the bottom and the Pre-Cambrian early forms of life, fossil algae, etc. are found on top.

The same problem is true in the Swiss Alps. The fossils are out of order so geologists say the Alps were once in Africa and slid magically into Europe without a trace of physical evidence. Fossil placement becomes a problem.

How is it explained? Those who accept what the Bible says simply take it at face value: the rock on the bottom was laid down before the rock on top. The fossils have nothing to do with age. In Montana 430 million years of the geologic column are missing. Why are they missing? Because they never existed. Chief Mountain becomes a serious problem for the evolutionist but not for the one who believes the Bible. We should expect fossils to be formed because all of the animals were buried by the waters of a worldwide flood. It is reasonable to find their fossil remains laid in sediments.

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