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The Great Dinosaur Mistake

A New Set of Questions

So the fact of fossils is in agreement with the Bible, but what of the places in which fossils are found? Why is it that certain types of fossils are found in particular strata? Why are certain forms, for example, species of fish, found together? Why is it that the reptiles seem to be found in association? And why is it that human fossils are for the most part not to be found in the more deeply buried strata?

A scientific answer specifies group burial is the result of hydrological sorting of ecological niches. What is meant by this expression? We mean that the flood sorted out various communities which lived together, so that the fossils of animals which lived together tend to be found together in the rocks. Why would this be so? As the fountains of the deep broke up, the rising ocean floor pushed the oceans out over the land. In the oceans were many types of fish, as well as numerous invertebrate creatures, whales, sharks, walrus, and seals, as well as many types of smaller creatures such as trilobites. The trilobite has been considered by some scientists to be a primitive form of life, one of the earliest creatures in the geologic column. Actually the trilobite had compound eyes and a nervous system and propelled itself with tiny cilia or hairs. Certainly it could not be considered primitive.

As the oceans poured out over the land masses these sea creatures would be buried in the sediments. The smaller creatures would be buried first. We would expect to find them buried together in a certain layer of strata. The heavier creatures which produce more drag would be buried later in a different layer.

The animals that live next to the seashore, such as amphibians would again be buried in their own level. We should expect them to be buried together with other amphibians and not with whales or sharks which live for the most part in the depths of the ocean.

The great planes animals which roam in large herds would also be buried together. We should expect tremendous numbers of these to be fossilized in the same area. Again they would be buried in their own layer and not with fish. It would seem logical then, that the buffalo would be buried at a different time and in a different layer than the animals living in the sea or next to the seashore. The more mobile animals would also have the ability to seek higher ground and then would be buried later as the waters finally covered the mountains.

What about man?

Man is the most intelligent of all of God's creatures. Man would have the ability to seek higher ground. He could build rafts or cling to floating objects such as logs. Man was also warned of the catastrophe so he should have been prepared. It would only seem logical that man would be buried last. As the waters of the flood subsided, many human remains would be carried to the depths of the sea. Others would be scattered on top of the ground and their bones would soon deteriorate and be gone forever. We should not expect to find many men in the fossil record.

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