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The Great Flying Saucer Myth

The Great Flying Saucer Myth by Kelly L. Segraves


In recent years a fascinating new religion has landed upon the world scene. It is the religion of UFOlogy which finds its basic tenants in the concept that flying saucers are real. These saucers have visited our planet since man's early beginning and, in fact, many claim they are responsible for man himself.

Reportedly these super-intelligent visitors from outer space claim to be our gods and the entire Bible is to be Reinterpreted in the light of this frightening concept. This is a god who is not considered to be a super-natural Being but instead possesses super technology. A technology so advanced that the humble inhabitants of Earth consider various events of history as miracles which are far beyond their human comprehension. Even the sacred belief that Jesus Christ is the Son of God is challenged by these champions of UFOlogy as we are told that Jesus Christ was simply a saucer being, that His birth was controlled by flying saucer manipulation and that ultimately He returned in a flying saucer to His home somewhere in the galaxy. It is claimed that He will come again with His myriad of saucers to take control of this world that is waiting for judgement. These new religionists firmly believe in their concept and with evangelistic fervor they proclaim their beliefs to all who listen.

But what is the purpose behind their preaching? What is the meaning of their message? Is their challenge to the historical Biblical interpretation justified in light of modern evidence? Are a few unexplained lights in the sky enough to cause man to discard belief in the supernatural power of the living God who created the heavens and the earth? Certainly these are pertinent questions which must be answered if the religion of UFOlogy is to replace Biblical Christianity. The Christian needs to be aware of this new crisis in order to answer the claims of the millions of people who will adopt with missionary zeal this new attempt to explain away the miracles of the Word of God.

As we examine the evidence it should become plain that these claims are simply man's latest attempt to deviate from the literal truth of God's Word. In fact, the evidence clearly shows that the concepts of UFOlogy are really Satan's last attempt to falsely fulfill Biblical prophecy in an effort to deceive mankind in the end times. Satan and his followers are preparing now to establish the kingdom of the beast, the antichrist, and advocates of UFOlogy are playing directly into his hands. A firm understanding of his purpose and his ultimate defeat are necessary in order to expose UFOlogy for what it is -- the great flying saucer myth.

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